vs. Burnley
All matches in 1951/52

Match Details

Saturday, 12th January 1952
Turf Moor, Burnley
1951/52 FA Cup
Third Round
Shannon 40' 
Attendance: 38608
Ref: AW Luty (Leeds)
GOAL: Les Shannon (1-0) Full time 75 min 60 min Half time 30 min 15 min Kick-off GOAL: Les Shannon (1-0) Full time 75 min 60 min Half time 30 min 15 min Kick-off

Match Report

Thousands of Hartlepool folk flocked to Lancashire as Pools faced a daunting FA Cup third round tie at First Division Burnley. The game was expected to present the home team with a comfortable victory, but from the first whistle it was clear that Pools had not travelled with the intention of being whipping boys. Willie McClure stung the Burnley goalkeeper`s fingers with a fierce drive from the edge of the box as Pools matched their more gifted opponents in all departments.

But there was not to be a famous giantkilling. The decisive moment came shortly before half-time. Holden crossed the ball to Elliott and, as Jackie Newton hesitated, Les SHANNON stole in to guide the ball past Berry Brown. The goal was harsh on Pools and in particular on Brown who had been outstanding throughout. But Pools left the Turf Moor pitch to a standing ovation and, despite the defeat, could take renewed confidence into the league campaign.


Manager: Frank Hill
9010000901-1 flag flag0011Jimmy Strong
9020000901-1 flag flag0022Jock Aird
9030000901-1 flag flag0013Harry Mather
9040000901-1 flag flag0014Jimmy Adamson
9050000901-1 flag flag0015Tommy Cummings
9060000901-1 flag flag0016Reg Attwell
9070000901-1 flag flag0017Jackie Chew
9080000901-1 flag flag0038Billy Morris
9090000901-1 flag flag0019Bill Holden
90101000901-1 flag flag00110Les Shannon
90110000901-1 flag flag00111Billy Elliott
Manager: Fred Westgarth
9010000901-1 flag flag0011Berry Brown
9020000901-1 flag flag0012Joe Willetts
9030000901-1 flag flag0013Ray Thompson
9040000901-1 flag flag0014Jackie Newton
9050000901-1 flag flag0015Watty Moore
9060000901-1 flag flag0016Len Richley
9070000901-1 flag flag0017Billy Burnett
9080000901-1 flag flag0018Frank Stamper
9090000901-1 flag flag0019Eric Wildon
90100000901-1 flag flag00210Tommy McGuigan
90110000901-1 flag flag00211Willie McClure
  AgeThis CompAll Comps
1020140     1  flag flag0011Berry Brown24y 128d00
20801100     1  flag flag0012Joe Willetts27y 184d010
301201590     1  flag flag0013Ray Thompson26y 83d01
40901260     1  flag flag0014Jackie Newton26y 232d06
5050960     1  flag flag0015Watty Moore26y 135d03
6020100     1  flag flag0016Len Richley27y 194d00
70801360     1  flag flag0017Billy Burnett25y 317d113
8040750     1  flag flag0018Frank Stamper25y 324d11
90801230     1  flag flag0019Eric Wildon27y 282d152
10050740     1  flag flag00210Tommy McGuigan29y 51d215
11040690     1  flag flag00211Willie McClure30y 241d117
Average age of starting eleven = 27y 31d