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2023/24National League4617920708260   Qualifying 4th Round
2022/23League Two4691621527843 23rd of 24 3rd Round1st RoundGroup Stage
2021/22League Two46141220446454 17th of 24 4th Round1st RoundSemi-Final
2020/21National League42221010664376 4th of 22 1st Round 3rd Round
2019/20National League39141312565055 12th of 24 3rd Round 1st Round
2018/19National League46151417566259 16th of 24 1st Round 2nd Round
2017/18National League46141418536356 15th of 24 1st Round 1st Round
2016/17League Two46111322547546 23rd of 24 2nd Round1st RoundGroup Stage
2015/16League Two4615625497251 16th of 24 3rd Round2nd Round1st Round
2014/15League Two4612925397045 22nd of 24 2nd Round1st Round2nd Round
2013/14League Two46141121505653 19th of 24 2nd Round1st Round3rd Round
2012/13League One4691423396741 23rd of 24 1st Round1st Round1st Round
2011/12League One46141418505556 13th of 24 1st Round1st Round1st Round
2010/11League One46151219476557 16th of 24 3rd Round2nd Round3rd Round
2009/10League One46141121596750 20th of 24 1st Round2nd Round1st Round
2008/09League One46131122667950 19th of 24 4th Round3rd Round1st Round
2007/08League One4615922636654 15th of 24 2nd Round2nd Round3rd Round
2006/07League Two46261010654088 2nd of 24 2nd Round2nd Round2nd Round
2005/06League One46111718445950 21st of 24 2nd Round2nd Round1st Round
2004/05League One4621817766671 6th of 24 4th Round2nd Round3rd Round