NameDate of BirthAgeLast Contract EventDate
18301EnglishLuke Armstrong02 Jul 199624y 210dExtended loan from Salford City11 Jan 2021
16784EnglishMason Bloomfield06 Nov 199624y 83dTransferred from Norwich City05 Aug 2020
16393EnglishJoe Bunney26 Sep 199327y 124dSigned (free agent)30 Nov 2020
18489EnglishAdam Campbell28 May 200317y 245dSigned pro contract 
19096EnglishLewis Cass27 Feb 200020y 336dLoaned from Newcastle01 Oct 2020
18376EnglishTom Crawford30 May 199921y 243dSigned (free agent)24 Aug 2020
16954EnglishAaron Cunningham03 Feb 199822y 360dSigned new contract06 Aug 2020
12426EnglishRyan Donaldson01 May 199129y 272dSigned new contract23 May 2019
12986EnglishNicky Featherstone22 Sep 198832y 128dSigned new contract29 Apr 2020
16774EnglishDavid Ferguson07 Jun 199426y 235dSigned (free agent)05 Aug 2020
18491EnglishJoe Grey04 May 200317y 269dSigned pro contract24 Aug 2020
12989IrishGavan Holohan15 Dec 199129y 44dSigned new contract13 Mar 2020
16822EnglishRyan Johnson02 Oct 199624y 118dContract extended22 Jan 2021
17818EnglishBen Killip24 Nov 199525y 65dTransferred from Braintree28 May 2019
1204EnglishGary Liddle15 Jun 198634y 227dSigned (free agent)01 Aug 2020
18636EnglishJosh MacDonald07 Feb 199525y 356dSigned (free agent)01 Aug 2020
17561EnglishLuke Molyneux29 Mar 199822y 305dSigned (free agent)12 Jun 2019
17090EnglishRhys Oates04 Dec 199426y 55dSigned (free agent)01 Aug 2020
18377EnglishTimi Odusina28 Oct 199921y 92dSigned (free agent)01 Aug 2020
16836EnglishClaudio Ofosu27 Sep 199822y 123dTransferred from Royston Town03 Aug 2020
19097SlovakianHenrich Ravas16 Aug 199723y 165dLoaned from Derby01 Oct 2020
18089EnglishMark Shelton12 Sep 199624y 138dSigned (free agent)01 Aug 2020
19496EnglishJamie Sterry21 Nov 199525y 68dContract extended22 Jan 2021
12355EnglishLuke Williams11 Jun 199327y 231dSigned new contract30 Oct 2020
17817EnglishBrad Young05 May 200218y 268dSigned new contract16 Oct 2020
NameDate of BirthBirthplacePeriodFirst Team GamesGoals
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 Item 1 to 20 of 1890
17438EnglishBrad Abbott24 Dec 1994 2015 - 201500
1EgyptianTewfik Abdallah23 Jun 1897Cairo, Egypt1924 - 1924111
16316FrenchWalid Abeid25 Jul 1993Montreuil2013 - 201300
1166Unknown nationalityAdams  1919 - 191920
7746EnglishBilly Adams08 Jan 1919Arlecdon---00
13034EnglishBlair Adams08 Sep 1991South Shields2017 - 2018361
2EnglishTerry Adamson15 Oct 1948Houghton-le-Spring1967 - 196710
17809EnglishTomi Adeloye17 Feb 1996Sidcup2017 - 2018100
12429SwedishSamuel Adjei18 Jan 1992Eksjo2012 - 201210
3EnglishJason Ainsley30 Jul 1970Stockton-on-Tees1994 - 1995201
4EnglishAndy Aitken25 Aug 1909Newcastle-upon-Tyne1936 - 193610
982EnglishBrian Albeson14 Dec 1946Oldham1975 - 197510
1206EnglishFred Aldridge West Hartlepool1921 - 192110
8697EnglishLewis Alessandra08 Feb 1989Heywood2016 - 2017509
5ScottishBilly Allan Strathaven1931 - 193110
6EnglishJack Allen Sneinton1924 - 1925343
7EnglishKen Allen12 Jan 1949Thornaby1969 - 196970
8EnglishJamie Allinson15 Jun 1978Stockton-on-Tees1995 - 199660
10EnglishBill Allison13 Jan 1908Shildon1935 - 19381220
9EnglishJohn Allison17 Nov 1913Consett1946 - 1947130