vs. Newcastle United Reserves
All matches in 1908/09

Match Details

Wednesday, 2nd September 1908
The Victoria Ground, Hartlepool
1908/09 Friendly
Lenaghan 2, Edgley, Fletcher, Smith, Seal 
Attendance: 4000
Ref: Not known

Match Report

A representative Newcastle United XI provided the opposition for the fledgling Hartlepools United’s first ever game. Around 4000 people flocked to the Victoria Ground to see the town’s mayor Alderman Robson kick off the game, and they were treated to a great performance from the home side, who were soon ahead. The Northern Daily Mail described the club’s first ever goal in the following manner:

The home front rank were persistent in their efforts, and eventually their courage and pluck in front of goal were rewarded with success. Lenaghan got an oblique shot in which completely beat Purvis. Thus the home men had the good fortune to draw first blood

Buoyed by this opening goal Pools continued to attack, with Edgley, Fletcher and Smith all scoring before half-time. In the second half Seal added a fifth before Lenaghan grabbed his second of the game to make the final score six-nil. The local paper reported that some elements of the crowd asserted that Newcastle had “not been trying” and that they had “let Hartlepools win”. It’s reassuring to see that, even in the earliest days, the Vic terraces contained its fair share of cynics and plastic Mags!


Manager: Fred Priest
9010000901-1 flag flag0011Fred Mearns
9020000901-1 flag flag0002Dick Hegarty
9030000901-1 flag flag0013Fred Priest
9040000901-1 flag flag0004Steve Tweddle
9050000901-1 flag flag0015Jacky Hand
9061000901-1 flag flag0006Christopher Smith
9070000901-1 flag flag0007Freddie Tweddle
9081000901-1 flag flag0008Joshie Fletcher
9091000901-1 flag flag0019Frank Edgley
90102000901-1 flag flag00110John Lenaghan
90111000901-1 flag flag00111Frederick Seal
Manager: Not known
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  AgeThis CompAll Comps
101000     1  flag flag0011Fred Mearns29y 155d00
201000     1  flag flag0002Dick Hegarty 00
301000     1  flag flag0013Fred Priest 00
401000     1  flag flag0004Steve Tweddle 00
501000     1  flag flag0015Jacky Hand 00
611000     1  flag flag0006Christopher Smith 
701000     1  flag flag0007Freddie Tweddle 00
811000     1  flag flag0008Joshie Fletcher 
911000     1  flag flag0019Frank Edgley 
1021000     1  flag flag00110John Lenaghan 
1111000     1  flag flag00111Frederick Seal 
Average age of starting eleven = Not known