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Saturday, 3rd August 2013
Spotland Stadium, Rochdale
2013/14 Sky Bet League Two
Match 1 of 46
Hogan 14', Donnelly 51'(p), Henderson 58' 
Attendance: 3177 (603 Pools fans)
Ref: Michael Bull (Essex)
GOAL: Ian Henderson (3-0) GOAL: George Donnelly (2-0) Yellow card: Joseph Rafferty GOAL: Scott Hogan (1-0) 2 substitutions Substitution: Luke James for Brad Walker Full time 90 min 75 min 60 min Half time 45 min 30 min 15 min Kick-off GOAL: Ian Henderson (3-0) GOAL: George Donnelly (2-0) Yellow card: Joseph Rafferty GOAL: Scott Hogan (1-0) 2 substitutions Substitution: Luke James for Brad Walker Full time 90 min 75 min 60 min Half time 45 min 30 min 15 min Kick-off

Match Report

Pools started life back in the basement with an ultimately comfortable defeat. Things could have been different had Jon Franks or Antony Sweeney put away presentable chances during a bright opening, but once Scott Hogan had cut in stylishly from the left and curled the ball into the into the bottom corner on 15 minutes, the home side settled into the match. A low cross from Jack Compton flashed past the Pools attackers in the first minute of the second half, but within five minutes Dale were two up. Christian Burgess, making his debut on loan from Middlesbrough, tripped Matty Lund and George Donnelly converted from the spot. The result was put beyond doubt on 62 minutes when Ian Henderson left Sam Collins for dead to sprint clear and clip the ball past Flinders.


Manager: Keith Hill
9010000901-1 flag flag0011Josh Lillis
9020010901-1 flag flag0042Joseph Rafferty
9030000901-1 flag flag00125Michael Rose
9040000901-1 flag flag0014Peter Cavanagh
9050000901-1 flag flag0015Ashley Eastham
9060000901-1 flag flag0016Oliver Lancashire
9070000901-1 flag flag1047Peter Vincenti
9080000901-1 flag flag00112Matthew Lund
9091000901-1 flag flag0019George Donnelly
90101000901-1 flag flag00140Ian Henderson
90111000901-1 flag flag00111Scott Hogan
9012000090012Blackburn Roversflag flag00122Jack O'Connell
90130000900-1 flag flag0018Andrew Tutte
90140000900-1 flag flag03714Bastien Hery
90150000901-1 flag flag00126Matty Done
90160000900-1 flag flag00124Jamie Allen
90170000900-1 flag flag00139Joe Bunney
90180000900-1 flag flag00241Robbie Thomson
Manager: Colin Cooper
9010000901-1 flag flag0011Scott Flinders
9020000901-1 flag flag0012Neil Austin
9030000901-1 flag flag00129Peter Hartley
9040000561-1 flag flag00138Brad Walker-56
9050000901-1 flag flag0015Sam Collins
906000090163Middlesbroughflag flag00135Christian Burgess
9070000901-1 flag flag0017Jonathan Franks
9080000901-1 flag flag0016Jack Baldwin
9090000701-1 flag flag00111Andy Monkhouse-70
90100000701-1 flag flag00115Antony Sweeney-70
90110000901-1 flag flag00114Jack Compton
9012000000-1 flag flag00119Jordan Richards
9013000000-1 flag flag0018Simon Walton
901400070901-1 flag flag00110James Poole+70
901500056901-1 flag flag00133Luke James+56
9016000000-1 flag flag00123Nialle Rodney
901700070901-1 flag flag0019Steve Howard+70
9018000000-1 flag flag00113Andy Rafferty
  AgeThis CompAll Comps
1016401770     1  flag flag0011Scott Flinders27y 52d11
2014361576     1  flag flag0012Neil Austin30y 99d88
3016421783     1  flag flag00129Peter Hartley25y 122d1010
401010     1  flag flag00138Brad Walker17y 100d00
5021312322     1  flag flag0015Sam Collins36y 59d66
601010     1  flag flag00135Christian Burgess21y 300d00
70451472     1  flag flag0017Jonathan Franks23y 117d44
80437457     1  flag flag0016Jack Baldwin20y 34d22
902342925535     1  flag flag00111Andy Monkhouse32y 284d4346
1003303738240     1  flag flag00115Antony Sweeney29y 332d5262
1101010     1  flag flag00114Jack Compton24y 335d00
14037304035     1  flag flag00110James Poole23y 136d1212
15016301730     1  flag flag00133Luke James18y 272d66
1701453216633     1  flag flag0019Steve Howard37y 85d2935
Average age of starting eleven = 26y 101d
We’ve got to be disappointed, you don’t come away for the first game of the season wanting that to happen. I think we made some mistakes at both ends of the field today but now we move on. Looking back isn’t good for anyone, we have to prepare for Forest on Tuesday.
- Colin Cooper
We dominated in certain periods of the game but we could have found ourselves one or two goals down because they had the first chance of the first half and the first chance of the second half. Those chances could have been crucial.
- Keith Hill



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