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April 4th
Record breakers!
George Luke nets the third goal in an incredible 10-1 victory against Barrow. It was the biggest Football League win in the club's history and the highlight of a desperately disappointing first season in the new fourth division. Jackie Smith led the way with a first half hat-trick.
2011Nathan Luscombe joined Pools on trial from Sunderland. Was released by Sunderland in same week 
2011Andy Parry joined Pools on trial from Blackburn Rovers 
1983Steve Winn made his only first team appearance in a Div Four match against Darlington[view]
1970Bobby Dobbing made his final first team appearance in a Div Four match against Swansea City[view]
1959Trevor Smith was born in Middlesbrough 
1936Walter Chatterton made his final first team appearance in a Div Three (N) match against Barrow[view]
1925Jack Lee made his first team debut in a Div Three (N) match against Southport[view]
1919Bill Robinson was born in Whitburn, Northumberland 
YearCompetitionTeam  Scorers
1n/an/a 2009League OneHEREFORD (H)W4-2Porter 2, Collins, Sweeney
1n/an/a 1998Div ThreeCAMBRIDGE UNITED (H)D3-3Miller, Di Lella 2
1n/an/a 1994Div TwoHULL CITY (H)L0-1 
1n/an/a 1992Div ThreeLeyton Orient (A)L0-4 
1n/an/a 1988Div FourTranmere Rovers (A)L1-3Toman
1n/an/a 1987Div FourROCHDALE (H)D1-1Shoulder (p)
1n/an/a 1983Div FourDarlington (A)L1-2Robinson
1n/an/a 1980Div FourBRADFORD CITY (H)L0-1 
1n/an/a 1978Div FourRochdale (A)W1-0Houchen
1n/an/a 1970Div FourSwansea City (A)L0-3 
1n/an/a 1969Div ThreeWALSALL (H)D1-1Young
1n/an/a 1964Div FourSTOCKPORT COUNTY (H)W3-0Johnson, Lithgo, Hamilton
1n/an/a 1959Div FourBARROW (H)W10-1Clark 2, Smith 3, Luke 2, Scott, Langland, Marsden (og)
1n/an/a 1958Div Three (N)BURY (H)W2-1Thompson, McGuigan (p)
1n/an/a 1953Div Three (N)GRIMSBY TOWN (H)W2-0Harden 2
1n/an/a 1947Div Three (N)TRANMERE ROVERS (H)W1-0Harden
1n/an/a 1936Div Three (N)BARROW (H)D0-0 
1n/an/a 1931Div Three (N)YORK CITY (H)W3-0Pedwell, Simmons, Robinson
1n/an/a 1925Div Three (N)Southport (A)L0-2 
9n/an/a 1914NE LeagueHebburn Argyle (A)D1-1Manners
9n/an/a 1910NE LeagueSPENNYMOOR UNITED (H)D1-1Thompson