New Brighton

NameNew Brighton
AddressTower Athletic Ground
Type of match:
DateVenueCompetition  ScorersAttAway 
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1n/an/a23 Dec 1950HDiv Three (N)L0-1 4520 [view]
1n/an/a26 Aug 1950ADiv Three (N)L0-1 6079 [view]
1n/an/a31 Aug 1949ADiv Three (N)L0-1 6225 [view]
1n/an/a22 Aug 1949HDiv Three (N)W2-0Owens, Dunn9738 [view]
1n/an/a01 Jan 1949HDiv Three (N)W3-1Hughes, Sloan 27891 [view]
1n/an/a28 Aug 1948ADiv Three (N)D1-1Richardson9093 [view]
1n/an/a17 Apr 1948ADiv Three (N)W2-1Richardson, Hooper (p)2810 [view]
1n/an/a10 Jan 1948HDiv Three (N)W1-0Wilkinson6927 [view]
1n/an/a15 Mar 1947HDiv Three (N)W3-0Copeland, Sloan, Harden5874 [view]
1n/an/a09 Nov 1946ADiv Three (N)L1-2Sloan4857 [view]
1n/an/a15 Apr 1939HDiv Three (N)W3-2Woffinden, Woods, West1554 [view]
1n/an/a18 Jan 1939ADiv Three (N)L2-5Woods 21453 [view]
1n/an/a02 Feb 1938HDiv Three (N)W1-0Proctor (p)1911 [view]
1n/an/a11 Sep 1937ADiv Three (N)L1-4Proctor (p)5419 [view]
1n/an/a28 Apr 1937HDiv Three (N)W5-0English 2, Wigham 2, Proctor (p)2870 [view]