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0#000000#CCCCCC06 Jul 2019AFriendlyW6-0Noble, Kennedy, Cunningham, Smith, Molyneux 2  [view]
0#000000#CCCCCC17 Jul 2018AFriendlyW4-0Hawkins, Cassidy, James, Muir  [view]
0#000000#CCCCCC26 Jul 1969AFriendlyW1-0Lee  [view]
2#000000#6495ED01 Dec 1923HFA CupW3-1Lonie, Smith 2(1p)4112 [view]
9n/an/a27 Apr 1921ANE LeagueL0-2   [view]
9n/an/a12 Feb 1921HNE LeagueW3-2Thoms, Mulholland 25000 [view]
9n/an/a28 Apr 1920ANE LeagueD0-0   [view]
9n/an/a31 Jan 1920HNE LeagueW3-0Bratt 2, Toward  [view]
9n/an/a23 Jan 1915HNE LeagueD1-1Strugnell1000 [view]
9n/an/a09 Jan 1915ANE LeagueD0-0   [view]
9n/an/a21 Mar 1914ANE LeagueL0-2   [view]
9n/an/a18 Oct 1913HNE LeagueW2-0Hibbert 24500 [view]
9n/an/a15 Mar 1913ANE LeagueW4-0Stokoe, Brewis, Fletcher 2  [view]
9n/an/a21 Sep 1912HNE LeagueW3-1Humphreys 2, Stokoe4000 [view]
9n/an/a17 Feb 1912HNE LeagueW5-2Fletcher, Martin 3, Grierson  [view]