South Shields

NameSouth Shields
AddressMariners Park
Shaftesbury Avenue
South Shields
NE34 9PH 

Meanwhile, another South Shields FC had begun life in 1936 and had been happily competing in various local leagues ever since. Incredibly, history then repeated itself when this South Shields club also headed west to become Gateshead United FC. This latest attempt at a Gateshead football club didn’t survive long, folding in 1977. At around the same time, yet another South Shields FC and yet another Gateshead FC began life, and both clubs are still operating today… for now!

First Class Competitions

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 220209Mariners Park         
   202092020902- FA Cup110021100.0 %0.0 %0.0 %
 4TOTAL110021100.0 %0.0 %0.0 %
  440209- FA Cup110021100.0 %0.0 %0.0 %

Minor Competitions and Friendlies

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