1Rotherham United181233462339
2Grimsby Town181224352238
3Hartlepool United181062401736
4Hull City181116352234
5York City18675322125
6Sheffield United18648283322
7Scunthorpe United186210243220
8Doncaster Rovers184311194615
10Lincoln City183312143812

Reserve Team Players

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flag flag000 Kyle Anderson10201210800--00
flag flag001 Micky Barron30032700--00
flag flag004 Willie Boland20021800--00
flag flag001 John Brackstone12001110630--00
flag flag001 James Brown41054500--00
flag flag001 Lee Bullock8008720236000
flag flag001 Ben Clark1001900--00
flag flag001 Darrell Clarke90087570--00
flag flag000 Lee Cooksey0101900--00
flag flag004 Jon Daly2002180118000

Reserve Team Results

DateComp#Team  Scorers
Jul 12#000000#CCCCCCFr0 Hebburn Town (A)AW3-1Rae(p), Haigh, Foley   
Jul 18#000000#CCCCCCFr0 Berwick Rangers (A)AW3-2Brown, Proctor, Clarke(p)   
Jul 24#000000#CCCCCCFr0 Whitby Town (A)AW1-0Rae   
Aug 02#000000#CCCCCCFr0 Sheffield (A)AW5-1Maidens, Rae, Foley 3   
Aug 07#000000#CCCCCCFr0 Horden Colliery Welfare (A)AW2-0Rae 2   
Aug 09#000000#CCCCCCFr0 Billingham Town (A)AL1-2P Turnbull   
Aug 16n/an/aRL101 DONCASTER ROVERS (H)HW5-1Foley 3, Mullen, Proctor   
Aug 29n/an/aRL101 Grimsby Town (A)AW4-0Foley, S Turnbull, Maidens, Daly   
Sep 27#000000#FFA07ADCC102PRHartlepool FC (A)AW4-1Mullen 2, Tymon, P Turnbull   
Oct 03n/an/aRL101 Scunthorpe United (A)AW3-0Foley 3(1p)   
Oct 11n/an/aRL101 HULL CITY (H)HW2-1Maidens, Doumbouya   
Oct 28#000000#FFA07ADCC102R1Brandon United (A)AW4-1Young 2, Rae, Hetherington   
Nov 01n/an/aRL101 ROTHERHAM UNITED (H)HL0-4    
Nov 14#000000#FFA07ADCC102R2BILLINGHAM SYNTHONIA (H)HW6-3Rae 3, Haigh 2, Mullen   
Nov 15n/an/aRL101 LINCOLN CITY (H)HD2-2E Williams 2   
Nov 29#000000#3CB371RLC103 DARLINGTON (H)HW4-1Tymon 2, Rae 2   
Dec 04n/an/aRL101 Sheffield United (A)AD0-0    
Dec 13n/an/aRL101 DARLINGTON (H)HW1-0Rae   
Dec 20#000000#3CB371RLC103 Bradford City (A)AD4-4Rae, Maidens, Bullock, Young   
Jan 09#000000#FFA07ADCC102QFWhickham (A)AL1-3Rae(p)   
Jan 30#000000#3CB371RLC103 WEST BROMWICH ALBION (H)HW2-1Proctor 2   
Feb 21n/an/aRL101 YORK CITY (H)HD0-0    
Mar 06n/an/aRL101 Rotherham United (A)AW3-2Bullock, Rae, Tinkler   
Mar 14n/an/aRL101 York City (A)AD1-1Mackay   
Mar 21n/an/aRL101 GRIMSBY TOWN (H)HL1-2Mackay   
Mar 27#000000#3CB371RLC103 HULL CITY (H)HW3-2Hignett 2, Porter   
Apr 03n/an/aRL101 Darlington (A)AW1-0Porter   
Apr 11n/an/aRL101 SHEFFIELD UNITED (H)HD2-2Tinkler, Foley   
Apr 16n/an/aRL101 Lincoln City (A)AW5-0Foley, Porter, Mackay, Rae 2   
Apr 18n/an/aRL101 SCUNTHORPE UNITED (H)HD2-2Rae, og   
Apr 24#000000#3CB371RLC103 Lincoln City (A)AD1-1Mackay   
Apr 30n/an/aRL101 Hull City (A)AW1-0Young   
May 02n/an/aRL101 Doncaster Rovers (A)AW7-0Rae 3, Tymon 2, Mackay, Young   
RL = Reserve League
DCC = Durham County Cup
RLC = Reserve League Cup
Fr = Friendly