1Hull City241752532356
2Rotherham United241473402249
4Grimsby Town241266473842
5Hartlepool United241149484337
6Lincoln City241077313037
7Bradford City248610373830
8Doncaster Rovers24699454227
10Mansfield Town245910264024
11York City247314254424
12Scunthorpe United245613325221
13Boston United243417234613

Youth Team Players

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Data pager
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flag flag000 Kyle Anderson12501615431154300
flag flag000 James Batie23054500--00
flag flag000 Joseph Craig03032700--00
flag flag001 Tony Davison50054500--00
flag flag001 Marc Ellison22002018371183700
flag flag000 Paul Farman1001900--00
flag flag001 Gary Forbes28303128200--00
flag flag001 Craig Gott25503027301273000
flag flag001 Tom Haigh1210131200340000
flag flag000 Dominic Harding02121800--00
flag flag000 Andy Hetherington12211412601126000
flag flag000 Matty Horner25603027430--00
flag flag000 Chris Killeen02021800--00

Youth Team Results

DateComp#Team  Scorers
Jul 11#000000#CCCCCCFr0 Carlisle United (A)AL1-4Ruddy   
Jul 20#000000#CCCCCCFr0 Team Northumbria (A)AL1-2Foley   
Jul 26#000000#CCCCCCFr0 Ashington (A)AW3-2Tymon, Mullen, Race   
Aug 04#000000#CCCCCCFr0 Newcastle Benfield (Bay Plastics) (A)AL0-5    
Aug 12n/an/aYL201 ROTHERHAM UNITED (H)HL1-2Mullen   
Aug 19n/an/aYL201 York City (A)AL2-3Mullen 2   
Sep 09n/an/aYL201 LINCOLN CITY (H)HW3-0Young, Tymon, Haigh   
Sep 16n/an/aYL201 Darlington (A)AL1-4Tymon   
Sep 23n/an/aYL201 CHESTERFIELD (H)HD3-3Tymon, Ruddy, Mullen   
Sep 30n/an/aYL201 Grimsby Town (A)AL0-1    
Oct 07#000000#3CB371YLC202 BOSTON UNITED (H)HL1-4Tymon   
Oct 14n/an/aYL201 Doncaster Rovers (A)AW2-1Race, Tymon   
Oct 21n/an/aYL201 BRADFORD CITY (H)HW1-0Haigh   
Nov 04n/an/aYL201 Boston United (A)AW2-1Tymon, Haigh   
Nov 08#000000#6495EDFAYC203R1Blackpool (A)AW4-2Anderson, Ruddy, Mullen, Hetherington   
Nov 18n/an/aYL201 SCUNTHORPE UNITED (H)HW3-1Tymon 3   
Nov 22#000000#6495EDFAYC203R2Doncaster Rovers (A)AD1-1Mullen   
Dec 02n/an/aYL201 Rotherham United (A)AL1-3Tymon   
Jan 06n/an/aYL201 Bradford City (A)AD3-3Mullen, Tymon, Ellison   
Jan 20n/an/aYL201 Lincoln City (A)AL0-1    
Jan 27n/an/aYL201 HULL CITY (H)HL1-3Tymon   
Feb 03n/an/aYL201 DARLINGTON (H)HD0-0    
Feb 17n/an/aYL201 GRIMSBY TOWN (H)HW2-1Ruddy, Race   
Mar 03n/an/aYL201 BOSTON UNITED (H)HW6-1Tymon 2, Tait, Scott 2, Rowell   
Mar 10n/an/aYL201 DONCASTER ROVERS (H)HD4-4Rowell, Race, Tymon 2   
Mar 17n/an/aYL201 Hull City (A)AL2-4Scott, Tymon (p)   
Mar 24n/an/aYL201 MANSFIELD TOWN (H)HW4-2Tymon 2, Rowell, Scaife   
Apr 01#000000#87CEFADC205GR1Texas Longhorns Orange (A)AW6-1Tymon 3, Rowell, Rae, Race   
Apr 02#000000#87CEFADC205GR2USA 17 Academy (A)AW4-1Tymon, Ruddy, Gott, Scaife   
Apr 04#000000#87CEFADC205GR3TPFC Revolution (A)AW2-1Young, Rae (p)   
Apr 06#000000#87CEFADC205QFCambuur Leeuwarden (A)AW2-0Ruddy, Rae   
Apr 07#000000#87CEFADC205SFIMG Soccer Academy (A)AD2-2Tymon, Rae   
Apr 14n/an/aYL201 Scunthorpe United (A)AL1-3Tait   
Apr 17n/an/aYL201 Mansfield Town (A)AW2-1Tymon, McRoberts   
Apr 21n/an/aYL201 YORK CITY (H)HW2-0Rowell, Tymon   
Apr 28n/an/aYL201 Chesterfield (A)AW2-1Tymon, Race   
YL = Youth League
YLC = Youth League Cup
FAYC = FA Youth Cup
DC = Dallas Cup
Fr = Friendly