Disciplinary Regulations

Suspensions are automatically imposed for accumulating 5, 10, or 15 cautions in a season. There are cut-off dates for receiving a sanction as a result of accumulated cautions. They are:
  • 5 cautions up to and including December 31st
  • 10 cautions up to and including the second Sunday in April
  • 15 cautions up to and including the last match of the season
For example, a player earning their fifth caution of the season on or after 1st January would not earn any ban. However, if they received ten cautions by the second Sunday in April, a ban would apply. Players who receive 20 or more cautions in a season shall be required to attend a Regulatory Commission.

Note: if a player picks up a second yellow card in a match resulting in a dismissal and a suspension, neither yellow card will count towards that player's total for the season.