DateComp#Team  ScorersPosAttAway 
Aug 17n/an/aFL311Colchester United (A)AW2-0Allon, McAuley22942 [view]
Aug 20#000000#3CB371CCC4R1LINCOLN CITY (H)HD2-2Davies, Allon 2073 [view]
Aug 24n/an/aFL312FULHAM (H)HW2-1Cooper, Davies12457 [view]
Aug 27n/an/aFL313MANSFIELD TOWN (H)HD2-2Cooper, Ingram12750 [view]
Aug 31n/an/aFL314Leyton Orient (A)AL0-2 44342 [view]
Sep 03#000000#3CB371CCC4R1Lincoln City (A)AL2-3Allon, Beech 2389 [view]
Sep 07n/an/aFL315Hereford (A)AW1-0Halliday32729 [view]
Sep 10n/an/aFL316CARLISLE UNITED (H)HL1-2Cooper73077 [view]
Sep 14n/an/aFL317WIGAN ATHLETIC (H)HD1-1Cooper82433 [view]
Sep 21n/an/aFL318Hull City (A)AL0-1 113886 [view]
Sep 28n/an/aFL319CHESTER CITY (H)HW2-0Allon, Cooper (p)72042 [view]
Oct 01n/an/aFL3110Doncaster Rovers (A)AL1-2Beech101471 [view]
Oct 05n/an/aFL3111Cambridge United (A)AL0-1 113406 [view]
Oct 12n/an/aFL3112DARLINGTON (H)HL1-2Halliday143799 [view]
Oct 15n/an/aFL3113SWANSEA CITY (H)HD1-1Halliday151810 [view]
Oct 19n/an/aFL3114Barnet (A)AL0-1 202265 [view]
Oct 26n/an/aFL3115Exeter City (A)AL0-2 223043 [view]
Oct 29n/an/aFL3116NORTHAMPTON TOWN (H)HL0-2 231254 [view]
Nov 02n/an/aFL3117BRIGHTON AND HOVE ALBION (H)HL2-3Mike, Cooper231683 [view]
Nov 09n/an/aFL3118Scarborough (A)AW4-2Howard, Clegg, Halliday 2223157 [view]
Nov 16#000000#6495EDFAC2R1YORK CITY (H)HD0-0  3011 [view]
Nov 23n/an/aFL3119Torquay United (A)AW1-0Allon191856 [view]
Nov 26#000000#6495EDFAC2R1York City (A)AL0-3  3257 [view]
Nov 30n/an/aFL3120EXETER CITY (H)HD1-1Irvine211419 [view]
Dec 03n/an/aFL3121Scunthorpe United (A)AL1-2Clegg231778 [view]
Dec 10#000000#DA70D6AWS7R1BURNLEY (H)HL0-2  921 [view]
Dec 14n/an/aFL3122Rochdale (A)AW3-1Beech, Howard, Allon181618 [view]
Dec 21n/an/aFL3123LINCOLN CITY (H)HW2-1Cooper (p), Sunderland171344 [view]
Dec 26n/an/aFL3124Carlisle United (A)AL0-1 196947 [view]
Dec 28n/an/aFL3125HEREFORD (H)HW2-1Allon, Howard171923 [view]
Jan 01n/an/aFL3126HULL CITY (H)HD1-1Beech151944 [view]
Jan 11n/an/aFL3127Chester City (A)AD0-0 161885 [view]
Jan 18n/an/aFL3128DONCASTER ROVERS (H)HL2-4Howard, Cooper (p)181708 [view]
Jan 25n/an/aFL3129Northampton Town (A)AL0-3 185039 [view]
Feb 01n/an/aFL3130SCARBOROUGH (H)HW1-0Cooper161843 [view]
Feb 08n/an/aFL3131Brighton and Hove Albion (A)AL0-5 188412 [view]
Feb 11n/an/aFL3132CARDIFF CITY (H)HL2-3Beech 2171120 [view]
Feb 15n/an/aFL3133TORQUAY UNITED (H)HD1-1Beech171548 [view]
Feb 22n/an/aFL3134Cardiff City (A)AL0-2 192971 [view]
Mar 01n/an/aFL3135SCUNTHORPE UNITED (H)HL0-1 211300 [view]
Mar 04n/an/aFL3136Wigan Athletic (A)AD2-2Halliday, Howard203229 [view]
Mar 08n/an/aFL3137Lincoln City (A)AL1-2Allon212915 [view]
Mar 15n/an/aFL3138ROCHDALE (H)HL1-2Beech221448 [view]
Mar 22n/an/aFL3139Fulham (A)AL0-1 237222 [view]
Mar 29n/an/aFL3140COLCHESTER UNITED (H)HW1-0Beech222725 [view]
Mar 31n/an/aFL3141Mansfield Town (A)AL0-1 232229 [view]
Apr 05n/an/aFL3142LEYTON ORIENT (H)HW3-1Bradley, Baker, Halliday232576 [view]
Apr 12n/an/aFL3143CAMBRIDGE UNITED (H)HL0-2 233186 [view]
Apr 19n/an/aFL3144Darlington (A)AW2-1Brown, Allon224662 [view]
Apr 26n/an/aFL3145BARNET (H)HW4-0Allon 2, Baker, Halliday183070 [view]
May 03n/an/aFL3146Swansea City (A)AD2-2Howard 2205423 [view]
FL3 = Nationwide Football League Division Three
FAC = The FA Cup sponsored by Littlewoods
CCC = Coca-Cola Cup
AWS = Auto Windscreens Shield