DateComp#Team  ScorersPosAttAway 
Aug 18n/an/aFL3N11Tranmere Rovers (A)AL1-4McGuigan2010406 [view]
Aug 20n/an/aFL3N12CREWE ALEXANDRA (H)HW3-0Wildon, McClure, McGuigan1111394 [view]
Aug 25n/an/aFL3N13SCUNTHORPE AND LINDSEY UNITED (H)HW3-1Wildon, Willetts (p), Elder89028 [view]
Aug 29n/an/aFL3N14Crewe Alexandra (A)AL2-4Willetts (p), McClure124804 [view]
Sep 01n/an/aFL3N15Lincoln City (A)AL3-4Wildon, Elder 21611888 [view]
Sep 03n/an/aFL3N16GATESHEAD (H)HW1-0Wildon1112225 [view]
Sep 08n/an/aFL3N17CHESTER (H)HW2-1Harden 2811053 [view]
Sep 10n/an/aFL3N18Gateshead (A)AL0-2 89367 [view]
Sep 15n/an/aFL3N19York City (A)AL1-3Wildon155935 [view]
Sep 19n/an/aFL3N110Darlington (A)AL1-2Moore165082 [view]
Sep 22n/an/aFL3N111BRADFORD CITY (H)HW2-1Wildon, McClure138483 [view]
Sep 29n/an/aFL3N112HALIFAX TOWN (H)HW6-1McGuigan 3, Sloan 2, McClure88979 [view]
Oct 06n/an/aFL3N113Rochdale (A)AL0-3 125574 [view]
Oct 13n/an/aFL3N114ACCRINGTON STANLEY (H)HW4-2Elder 2, McClure, Burnett88617 [view]
Oct 20n/an/aFL3N115Carlisle United (A)AL1-2Wildon118893 [view]
Oct 27n/an/aFL3N116STOCKPORT COUNTY (H)HL0-1 169280 [view]
Nov 03n/an/aFL3N117Workington (A)AD1-1Elder146152 [view]
Nov 10n/an/aFL3N118BARROW (H)HW3-1Wildon, Elder, Willetts (p)148372 [view]
Nov 17n/an/aFL3N119Grimsby Town (A)AL0-2 1612296 [view]
Nov 24#000000#6495EDFAC2R1RHYL (H)HW2-0Elder, Harden 13037 [view]
Dec 01n/an/aFL3N120Chesterfield (A)AD2-2Elder, Wildon149552 [view]
Dec 08n/an/aFL3N121BRADFORD (PARK AVENUE) (H)HW2-1Wildon 2145973 [view]
Dec 15#000000#6495EDFAC2R2Watford (A)AW2-1McClure, Burnett 15108 [view]
Dec 22n/an/aFL3N122Scunthorpe and Lindsey United (A)AL0-2 157320 [view]
Dec 25n/an/aFL3N123MANSFIELD TOWN (H)HW2-0Wildon, Newton1410542 [view]
Dec 26n/an/aFL3N124Mansfield Town (A)AW1-0McClure129185 [view]
Dec 29n/an/aFL3N125LINCOLN CITY (H)HD1-1Wildon1111420 [view]
Jan 01n/an/aFL3N126WREXHAM (H)HW1-0Newton88910 [view]
Jan 05n/an/aFL3N127Chester (A)AD3-3McGuigan, Willetts (p), Wildon84902 [view]
Jan 12#000000#6495EDFAC2R3Burnley (A)AL0-1  38608 [view]
Jan 16n/an/aFL3N128SOUTHPORT (H)HW3-1Willetts (p), Stamper, McGuigan85844 [view]
Jan 19n/an/aFL3N129YORK CITY (H)HW3-2Stamper 2, Wildon79168 [view]
Jan 26n/an/aFL3N130Bradford City (A)AW2-0McClure, Stamper513717 [view]
Feb 02n/an/aFL3N131Southport (A)AL0-2 64107 [view]
Feb 09n/an/aFL3N132Halifax Town (A)AL0-2 85503 [view]
Feb 16n/an/aFL3N133ROCHDALE (H)HD1-1Elder88403 [view]
Feb 23n/an/aFL3N134DARLINGTON (H)HW2-0Howe (og), Wildon79516 [view]
Mar 01n/an/aFL3N135Accrington Stanley (A)AD0-0 84755 [view]
Mar 08n/an/aFL3N136CARLISLE UNITED (H)HW1-0Stamper89233 [view]
Mar 15n/an/aFL3N137Stockport County (A)AW1-0Wildon711020 [view]
Mar 22n/an/aFL3N138WORKINGTON (H)HL0-1 78175 [view]
Mar 29n/an/aFL3N139Barrow (A)AL1-2McGuigan92264 [view]
Apr 05n/an/aFL3N140GRIMSBY TOWN (H)HW2-1Stamper, Burnett99063 [view]
Apr 11n/an/aFL3N141Oldham Athletic (A)AL2-5Willetts (p), McClure915972 [view]
Apr 12n/an/aFL3N142Wrexham (A)AD0-0 97788 [view]
Apr 14n/an/aFL3N143OLDHAM ATHLETIC (H)HD1-1Newton912013 [view]
Apr 19n/an/aFL3N144CHESTERFIELD (H)HW4-1Elder, Burnett, Wildon, Willetts (p)98665 [view]
Apr 23#000000#FFA07ADCC102FGATESHEAD (H)HW3-0Willetts 2(2p), Wildon 9311 [view]
Apr 26n/an/aFL3N145Bradford (Park Avenue) (A)AW2-1McClure, Wildon97415 [view]
Apr 30n/an/aFL3N146TRANMERE ROVERS (H)HL0-1 98342 [view]
FL3N = Football League Division Three (North)
FAC = FA Cup
DCC = Durham County Cup