DateComp#Team  ScorersPosAttAway 
Aug 10n/an/aFL311BOURNEMOUTH AND BOSCOMBE ATHLETIC (H)HD1-1Bell156791 [view]
Aug 14#000000#3CB371FLC4R1Bradford City (A)AL2-3McGovern 2 4183 [view]
Aug 17n/an/aFL312Crewe Alexandra (A)AL0-1 195564 [view]
Aug 24n/an/aFL313SWINDON TOWN (H)HD0-0 185732 [view]
Aug 30n/an/aFL314Reading (A)AL0-7 208969 [view]
Sep 06n/an/aFL315Bristol Rovers (A)AL1-2Wright247284 [view]
Sep 13n/an/aFL316SHREWSBURY TOWN (H)HD0-0 235348 [view]
Sep 16n/an/aFL317WATFORD (H)HW2-1R Young, Cummings (p)225140 [view]
Sep 21n/an/aFL318Northampton Town (A)AD0-0 216749 [view]
Sep 28n/an/aFL319STOCKPORT COUNTY (H)HD0-0 225336 [view]
Oct 04n/an/aFL3110MANSFIELD TOWN (H)HD1-1R Young195776 [view]
Oct 09n/an/aFL3111Plymouth Argyle (A)AL0-3 237565 [view]
Oct 12n/an/aFL3112Luton Town (A)AL0-3 2313145 [view]
Oct 14n/an/aFL3113PLYMOUTH ARGYLE (H)HD1-1Bircumshaw224748 [view]
Oct 18n/an/aFL3114BARNSLEY (H)HW2-1R Young, Blowman194658 [view]
Oct 26n/an/aFL3115Orient (A)AW1-0Solan186134 [view]
Nov 01n/an/aFL3116BARROW (H)HL1-4Blowman183086 [view]
Nov 06n/an/aFL3117SOUTHPORT (H)HD2-2Blowman 2203625 [view]
Nov 09n/an/aFL3118Rotherham United (A)AD1-1Hague (og)198970 [view]
Nov 16#000000#6495EDFAC2R1ROTHERHAM UNITED (H)HD1-1R Young 6579 [view]
Nov 19#000000#6495EDFAC2R1Rotherham United (A)AL0-3  11518 [view]
Nov 23n/an/aFL3119Oldham Athletic (A)AW2-1Blowman 2182849 [view]
Nov 29n/an/aFL3120TRANMERE ROVERS (H)HL2-4R Young, Cummings184355 [view]
Dec 14n/an/aFL3121LUTON TOWN (H)HW1-0Blowman163887 [view]
Dec 21n/an/aFL3122Barnsley (A)AL1-2R Young187701 [view]
Dec 26n/an/aFL3123Mansfield Town (A)AL0-2 216683 [view]
Jan 04n/an/aFL3124TORQUAY UNITED (H)HD2-2Thompson, Atkinson213695 [view]
Jan 11n/an/aFL3125Barrow (A)AW2-1Bircumshaw, Drysdale194622 [view]
Jan 18n/an/aFL3126ROTHERHAM UNITED (H)HL0-3 203677 [view]
Jan 24n/an/aFL3127Southport (A)AL0-3 204150 [view]
Feb 01n/an/aFL3128Gillingham (A)AD2-2Thompson, Cummings214885 [view]
Feb 04n/an/aFL3129Swindon Town (A)AD1-1Thompson2119124 [view]
Feb 22n/an/aFL3130BRIGHTON AND HOVE ALBION (H)HL2-5Thompson, Bell212924 [view]
Feb 24n/an/aFL3131OLDHAM ATHLETIC (H)HL0-2 212535 [view]
Mar 01n/an/aFL3132Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic (A)AL0-4 216246 [view]
Mar 03n/an/aFL3133Torquay United (A)AL0-3 215903 [view]
Mar 10n/an/aFL3134GILLINGHAM (H)HD1-1Bell222401 [view]
Mar 19n/an/aFL3135Brighton and Hove Albion (A)AD1-1Bell221134 [view]
Mar 22n/an/aFL3136READING (H)HW2-0Bell 2212754 [view]
Mar 28n/an/aFL3137BRISTOL ROVERS (H)HW1-0Parry203447 [view]
Apr 04n/an/aFL3138WALSALL (H)HD1-1R Young206695 [view]
Apr 05n/an/aFL3139Stockport County (A)AL0-1 204375 [view]
Apr 07n/an/aFL3140Watford (A)AD0-0 2120771 [view]
Apr 11n/an/aFL3141NORTHAMPTON TOWN (H)HW3-0Thompson, Bell, Drysdale203729 [view]
Apr 15n/an/aFL3142Walsall (A)AW2-1Thompson, Blowman185003 [view]
Apr 19n/an/aFL3143Shrewsbury Town (A)AD1-1Thompson207793 [view]
Apr 21n/an/aFL3144ORIENT (H)HD0-0 204237 [view]
Apr 24n/an/aFL3145Tranmere Rovers (A)AL0-1 212861 [view]
May 05n/an/aFL3146CREWE ALEXANDRA (H)HD0-0 222035 [view]
FL3 = Football League Division Three
FAC = FA Cup
FLC = Football League Cup