DateComp#Team  ScorersPosAttAway 
Aug 14n/an/aFL211FULHAM (H)HL0-1 212542 [view]
Aug 17#000000#3CB371CCC4R1Stockport County (A)AD1-1West 2915 [view]
Aug 21n/an/aFL212Brighton and Hove Albion (A)AD1-1Gallacher195230 [view]
Aug 24#000000#3CB371CCC4R1STOCKPORT COUNTY (H)HW2-1Tait, Honour 2273 [view]
Aug 28n/an/aFL213BOURNEMOUTH (H)HD1-1Honour202482 [view]
Aug 31n/an/aFL214Leyton Orient (A)AW2-1West, Southall133399 [view]
Sep 04n/an/aFL215Exeter City (A)AL1-2Southall172644 [view]
Sep 11n/an/aFL216STOCKPORT COUNTY (H)HW1-0Thompson142473 [view]
Sep 14n/an/aFL217BLACKPOOL (H)HW2-0West, Honour82124 [view]
Sep 18n/an/aFL218Port Vale (A)AL0-1 137279 [view]
Sep 21#000000#3CB371CCC4R2Grimsby Town (A)AL0-3  2353 [view]
Sep 25n/an/aFL219YORK CITY (H)HL0-2 173050 [view]
Sep 28#000000#DA70D6AT7GR1DARLINGTON (H)HD1-1Honour 1454 [view]
Oct 02n/an/aFL2110Burnley (A)AL0-2 169528 [view]
Oct 05#000000#3CB371CCC4R2GRIMSBY TOWN (H)HL0-2  1385 [view]
Oct 09n/an/aFL2111BRENTFORD (H)HL0-1 201802 [view]
Oct 16n/an/aFL2112Cambridge United (A)AL0-1 203318 [view]
Oct 23n/an/aFL2113BRADFORD CITY (H)HL1-2Johnrose202536 [view]
Oct 30n/an/aFL2114Cardiff City (A)AD2-2Johnrose, West203710 [view]
Nov 02n/an/aFL2115BARNET (H)HW2-1Houchen, Johnrose201960 [view]
Nov 06n/an/aFL2116Bristol Rovers (A)AD1-1West205205 [view]
Nov 09#000000#DA70D6AT7GR2York City (A)AL0-2  1630 [view]
Nov 13#000000#6495EDFAC2R1Macclesfield Town (A)AL0-2  2747 [view]
Nov 20n/an/aFL2117WREXHAM (H)HL1-2Southall211530 [view]
Nov 27n/an/aFL2118Plymouth Argyle (A)AL0-2 215881 [view]
Dec 04n/an/aFL2119Blackpool (A)AL1-2Stoneman (og)213121 [view]
Dec 11n/an/aFL2120BRIGHTON AND HOVE ALBION (H)HD2-2Southall, Honour (p)211558 [view]
Dec 17n/an/aFL2121Fulham (A)AL0-2 222998 [view]
Dec 27n/an/aFL2122HUDDERSFIELD TOWN (H)HL1-4Southall (p)233286 [view]
Dec 28n/an/aFL2123Hull City (A)AL0-1 234607 [view]
Jan 01n/an/aFL2124ROTHERHAM UNITED (H)HW2-0Houchen 2232101 [view]
Jan 08n/an/aFL2125Reading (A)AL0-4 236217 [view]
Jan 15n/an/aFL2126CAMBRIDGE UNITED (H)HL0-2 231690 [view]
Jan 22n/an/aFL2127Brentford (A)AL0-1 236334 [view]
Jan 28n/an/aFL2128Swansea City (A)AD1-1Thompson232573 [view]
Feb 05n/an/aFL2129Bradford City (A)AL1-2Thompson237907 [view]
Feb 12n/an/aFL2130READING (H)HL1-4McGuckin232218 [view]
Feb 19n/an/aFL2131Bournemouth (A)AD0-0 233201 [view]
Feb 26n/an/aFL2132EXETER CITY (H)HL1-2McGuckin231695 [view]
Mar 05n/an/aFL2133Stockport County (A)AL0-5 234076 [view]
Mar 08n/an/aFL2134LEYTON ORIENT (H)HD1-1Southall231251 [view]
Mar 12n/an/aFL2135PORT VALE (H)HL1-4MacPhail231798 [view]
Mar 19n/an/aFL2136York City (A)AL0-3 233191 [view]
Mar 22n/an/aFL2137CARDIFF CITY (H)HW3-0Olsson, Southall (p), Houchen231077 [view]
Mar 26n/an/aFL2138BURNLEY (H)HW4-1Houchen 2, Southall, Thompson232879 [view]
Mar 29n/an/aFL2139SWANSEA CITY (H)HW1-0Houchen231354 [view]
Apr 02n/an/aFL2140Huddersfield Town (A)AD1-1West235717 [view]
Apr 04n/an/aFL2141HULL CITY (H)HL0-1 232448 [view]
Apr 09n/an/aFL2142Rotherham United (A)AL0-7 232792 [view]
Apr 23n/an/aFL2143BRISTOL ROVERS (H)HW2-1Houchen, Peverell231409 [view]
Apr 26n/an/aFL2144Barnet (A)AL2-3Southall, Olsson231352 [view]
Apr 30n/an/aFL2145Wrexham (A)AL0-2 232090 [view]
May 07n/an/aFL2146PLYMOUTH ARGYLE (H)HL1-8Peverell232389 [view]
FL2 = Endsleigh Football League Division Two
FAC = FA Cup
CCC = Coca-Cola Cup
AT = Autoglass Trophy