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Youth Team Players

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flag flag001 Andy Appleby1401121195717000
flag flag000 Paul Bone002000--00
flag flag001 John Brackstone300327064500
flag flag001 Darren Craddock8028720172000
flag flag001 Tony Davison30732700--00
flag flag000 Simon Duffield001000--00
flag flag000 Kevin Duncan21222550--00
flag flag001 David Foley15041413421211100
flag flag000 Daniel Fox1911191780535600
flag flag000 Scott Gretton003000--00

Youth Team Results

DateComp#Team  Scorers
Jul 18#000000#CCCCCCFr0 York College (A)AL1-3    
Jul 21#000000#CCCCCCFr0 TEXAS SELECT XI (H)HL1-3    
Jul 23#000000#87CEFASIT209GR1SCUNTHORPE UNITED (H)HW3-1    
Jul 25#000000#87CEFASIT209GR2DERBY COUNTY (H)HW4-0    
Jul 28#000000#87CEFASIT209FCELTIC (H)HW2-1    
Aug 09n/an/aYL2011HULL CITY (H)HD1-1Foley   
Aug 16n/an/aYL2012DARLINGTON (H)HD1-1Manson   
Aug 30n/an/aYL2013York City (A)AW2-0Craddock, J Wilkinson   
Sep 13n/an/aYL2014Scunthorpe United (A)AL0-2    
Sep 20n/an/aYL2015Grimsby Town (A)AL0-1    
Sep 27n/an/aYL2016BRADFORD CITY (H)HL0-1    
Oct 04n/an/aYL2017HALIFAX TOWN (H)HW5-1Robson, S Turnbull, Appleby 2, Maidens   
Oct 18n/an/aYL2018Lincoln City (A)AW4-3J Wilkinson, N Wilkinson, Appleby, Istead   
Oct 21#000000#6495EDFAYC203R1CHESTER-LE-STREET (H)HL0-2    
Nov 01n/an/aYL2019SCUNTHORPE UNITED (H)HW2-1Appleby, Fox   
Nov 08n/an/aYL20110GRIMSBY TOWN (H)HD1-1Richards   
Nov 15n/an/aYL20111Bradford City (A)AL1-2Foley   
Nov 22#000000#3CB371YLC202R2Chesterfield (A)AL2-3Istead, Fox   
Dec 06n/an/aYL20112LINCOLN CITY (H)HL1-2Appleby (p)   
Dec 13n/an/aYL20113Hull City (A)AL1-3Manson   
Jan 10n/an/aYL20114Darlington (A)AD1-1Foley   
Jan 24n/an/aYL20115YORK CITY (H)HW1-0Gray   
Feb 07n/an/aYL20116Halifax Town (A)AW4-3P Turnbull (p), N Wilkinson, Manson, Foley   
Feb 14n/an/aYL201M1Blackpool (A)AD1-1Brackstone   
Feb 21n/an/aYL201M2SHREWSBURY TOWN (H)HL1-4Manson   
Mar 06n/an/aYL2013Hull City (A)AD3-3Fox, Manson, Foley   
Mar 13n/an/aYL2014Scunthorpe United (A)AL1-2J Wilkinson   
Mar 20n/an/aYL2015MANSFIELD TOWN (H)HW1-0Maidens   
Mar 27n/an/aYL2016Chesterfield (A)AL1-2Foley   
Apr 04#000000#87CEFADC205GR1Dallas Inter Black (N)NW4-0P Turnbull, Brackstone (p), Foley, Rae   
Apr 05#000000#87CEFADC205GR2Capital SC (N)NW2-0J Wilkinson, Appleby   
Apr 07#000000#87CEFADC205GR3West Broward United (N)NW3-2Foley, N Wilkinson, Rae   
Apr 09#000000#87CEFADC205QFClub Dallas (N)NW7-1Foley, Appleby, Brackstone 2(1p), Manson, Robinson 2   
Apr 10#000000#87CEFADC205SFDFW Tejanos (N)NW2-0N Wilkinson, Foley   
Apr 11#000000#87CEFADC205FMetroStars (N)NW4-1Brackstone (p), Foley, N Wilkinson, Robinson   
Apr 17n/an/aYL2017CARLISLE UNITED (H)HW4-3P Turnbull 2(2p), Robinson, Fox   
Apr 24n/an/aYL2018STOCKPORT COUNTY (H)HL3-4Foley, Brackstone, Fox   
YL = Youth League
YLC = Youth League Cup
FAYC = FA Youth Cup
DC = Dallas Cup
Fr = Friendly
SIT = Sage International Tournament