1Leeds United181134462236
2Hartlepool United181125422635
4Huddersfield Town181008362830
5Rotherham United18909414127
6Newcastle United18747312625
7Lincoln City18747303625
8Grimsby Town185310264518
9Bradford City184311243915
10Scunthorpe United183312305612

Reserve Team Players

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Data pager
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flag flag001 Neil Austin40043600--00
flag flag004 Denis Behan1100510--00
flag flag044 Armann Bjornsson11008967424100
flag flag001 Billy Blackford12011510--00
flag flag001 Adam Boyd200014334700
flag flag001 James Brown210015943900
flag flag037 Julian Cherel12001110511105100
flag flag001 Ben Clark12009988332901
flag flag001 Mark Cook16001614400--00
flag flag001 Ashley Corker1001900--00

Reserve Team Results

DateComp#Team  Scorers
Aug 03#000000#CCCCCCFr0 Garforth Town (A)AW4-0Lamplough, Boyd, Tymon, Greulich   
Aug 05#000000#CCCCCCFr0 Horden Colliery Welfare (A)AD1-1Greulich   
Sep 01#000000#3CB371CLC103GR1Grimsby Town (A)AD1-1Wakefield   
Sep 09n/an/aCLE1011GRIMSBY TOWN (H)HW5-0Larkin, Boyd 3, Reece Jones   
Sep 15n/an/aCLE1012Bradford City (A)AW4-1Chanot (og), Bjornsson 2, Wakefield   
Sep 23n/an/aCLE1013MIDDLESBROUGH (H)HW3-2Rowell, Tymon, Larkin   
Oct 13n/an/aCLE1014Leeds United (A)AD2-2Greulich, Ritchie Jones   
Oct 21n/an/aCLE1015Huddersfield Town (A)AW2-0Cherel, Greulich 172 
Oct 28n/an/aCLE1016ROTHERHAM UNITED (H)HL2-4McSweeney, Clark   
Nov 04#000000#3CB371CLC103GR2SCUNTHORPE UNITED (H)HL1-2Clark (p)   
Nov 10n/an/aCLE1017Scunthorpe United (A)AL1-3Ritchie Jones   
Nov 17n/an/aCLE1018Newcastle United (A)AL2-3Grieve (og), Greulich 1388 
Dec 08n/an/aCLE1019LINCOLN CITY (H)HL0-4    
Dec 16#000000#3CB371CLC103GR3Sunderland (A)AW4-3Greulich, Rowell, Clark, Foley 267 
Jan 20n/an/aCLE10110LEEDS UNITED (H)HW1-0Foley   
Feb 09n/an/aCLE10111Middlesbrough (A)AW2-0Foley, Greulich   
Feb 17n/an/aCLE10112SCUNTHORPE UNITED (H)HW6-1Bjornsson 2, Mackay, Brown 2, Larkin   
Mar 03n/an/aCLE10113Lincoln City (A)AD1-1Brown   
Mar 09n/an/aCLE10114Rotherham United (A)AL2-3Greulich 2   
Mar 16n/an/aCLE10115NEWCASTLE UNITED (H)HW2-0Mackay, Larkin   
Mar 31n/an/aCLE10116HUDDERSFIELD TOWN (H)HW1-0Brown   
Apr 07n/an/aCLE10117Grimsby Town (A)AW2-0Ritchie Jones, Marron   
Apr 21n/an/aCLE10118BRADFORD CITY (H)HW4-2Greulich, Mackay, Fredriksen, Rowell (p)   
CLE = totesport.com Central League East Division
CLC = totesport.com Central League Cup
Fr = Friendly