1Hull City10712261022
2Mansfield Town10604192018
3Rotherham United10424142014
4Doncaster Rovers10415161413
5Hartlepool United10316192010
6Scunthorpe United10316122210

Reserve Team Players

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flag flag000 Dylan Armstrong2001171117100
flag flag001 Luke Armstrong1001900--00
flag flag001 Jonny Barber1001900--00
flag flag001 Jack Blackford010090--00
flag flag001 Zak Boagey1311101125522500
flag flag000 Andrew Bridges0210300--00
flag flag000 Jonny Carr30132700--00
flag flag001 Sam Collins5003401140100
flag flag001 Jack Compton40023150--00
flag flag000 James Dawson001000--00

Reserve Team Results

DateComp#Team  Scorers
Aug 12n/an/aCLE1011Rotherham United (A)AL0-3    
Aug 21n/an/aCLE1012DONCASTER ROVERS (H)HL0-1    
Sep 18n/an/aCLE1013Mansfield Town (A)AL1-3Collins   
Sep 25n/an/aCLE1014SCUNTHORPE UNITED (H)HW2-1Poole, Boagey   
Oct 02n/an/aCLE1015HULL CITY (H)HD1-1Jones   
Oct 15n/an/aCLE1016Doncaster Rovers (A)AL1-3Wright   
Oct 30#000000#FFA07ADCC102R1Brandon United (A)AW5-2Hawkins, Wignall, Boagey, D Armstrong, Rodney   
Nov 06n/an/aCLE1017ROTHERHAM UNITED (H)HW9-0Rodney 2, Sweeney 2, Rutherford 3, Walker, Boagey   
Nov 20n/an/aCLE1018Scunthorpe United (A)AW2-0Sweeney, Nearney   
Jan 08#000000#FFA07ADCC102R2Consett (A)AL3-4Boagey, Rodney 2   
Jan 15#000000#3CB371FTDLC103GR1SCUNTHORPE UNITED (H)HW5-2Deacey, Nearney, Smith, Wignall, Harbottle   
Jan 22#000000#3CB371FTDLC103GR2Mansfield Town (A)AL0-2    
Feb 05#000000#3CB371FTDLC103GR3ROTHERHAM UNITED (H)HW6-0Boagey, Hawkins, Rutherford 2, Jones, Deacey   
Mar 04n/an/aCLE1019Hull City (A)AL2-5Rodney, Wignall   
Mar 12#000000#3CB371FTDLC103GR4Sheffield Wednesday (A)AL1-6Poole   
Apr 09n/an/aCLE10110MANSFIELD TOWN (H)HL1-3Wood   
Apr 22#000000#3CB371FTDLC103SFWigan Athletic (A)AL0-2    
CLE = Central League East Division
DCC = Durham County Cup
FTDLC = Final Third Development League Cup