2Notts County241635462551
3Grimsby Town241347442343
4Hartlepool United241338573842
6Hull City241239483439
7Doncaster Rovers241239454139
8Bradford City249510435032
9Scunthorpe United248610303930
10York City245712406122
11Rotherham United247116447322
12Lincoln City245514335620
13Burton Albion243318347412

Youth Team Players

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Data pager
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flag flag001 Aaron Brown005000--00
flag flag001 Nathan Buddle1724151482274100
flag flag001 Andy Charlton0110220--00
flag flag001 Joel Dixon80087200--00
flag flag000 Jordan Docherty1001900--00
flag flag001 Chris Dodds10982783419500
flag flag000 Luke Downie1002109000--00
flag flag001 Callum Hassan23311219721216400
flag flag001 Lewis Hawkins2223161922296100
flag flag001 Darren Holden1232810051100500
flag flag001 Luke James1711262213100
flag flag001 Danny Johnson2220121808218600
flag flag001 Dominic Marshall18901417551175500

Youth Team Results

DateComp#Team  Scorers
Jul 21#000000#CCCCCCFr0 Horden Colliery Welfare (A)AL1-3Rutherford   
Jul 26#000000#87CEFANIM206GR1County Down (A)AD1-1Snaith   
Jul 27#000000#87CEFANIM206GR2Cruz Azul (A)AW2-0o.g. (og), Wilson   
Jul 28#000000#FFC0CBST210QFCounty Tyrone (A)AW2-0Selby, Johnson (p)   
Jul 29#000000#FFC0CBST210SFSouth Coast Bayern (A)AW3-2Snaith, Johnson 2   
Jul 30#000000#FFC0CBST210FManchester United (A)AL1-4Snaith   
Aug 14n/an/aYL2011NOTTS COUNTY (H)HL2-3Mellish, Snaith   
Aug 21n/an/aYL2012Burton Albion (A)AW7-0Johnson 4, Hawkins, Mellish, Selby   
Aug 28n/an/aYL2013GRIMSBY TOWN (H)HW2-1Buddle, Hassan   
Sep 04n/an/aYL2014Lincoln City (A)AW5-3Snaith, Richards (p), Hassan, Buddle, Marshall   
Sep 18n/an/aYL2015York City (A)AW2-1Hassan, Johnson   
Sep 25n/an/aYL2016DONCASTER ROVERS (H)HL1-2Richards (p)   
Oct 02#000000#3CB371YLC202R1Stockport County (A)AD1-1Hassan   
Oct 16n/an/aYL2017Darlington (A)AW2-1Johnson, Hawkins   
Oct 23n/an/aYL2018CHESTERFIELD (H)HL1-4Johnson   
Oct 27#000000#6495EDFAYC203R1WHITLEY BAY (H)HW3-1Hassan, Snaith, Dodds   
Nov 06n/an/aYL2019Hull City (A)AW3-2Snaith 2, Dodds   
Nov 13n/an/aYL20110SCUNTHORPE UNITED (H)HL0-1    
Nov 16#000000#6495EDFAYC203R2Macclesfield Town (A)AW2-0Snaith, Hassan   
Nov 20n/an/aYL20111ROTHERHAM UNITED (H)HW2-0Johnson, James   
Dec 07#000000#6495EDFAYC203R3Leicester City (A)AL1-2Hassan   
Jan 08n/an/aYL20112YORK CITY (H)HD3-3Hassan 2, Dodds   
Jan 15n/an/aYL20113Chesterfield (A)AD0-0    
Feb 05n/an/aYL20114Bradford City (A)AW4-0Hassan 2, Johnson, Holden   
Feb 12n/an/aYL20115Scunthorpe United (A)AW3-2Dodds, Snaith, Johnson   
Feb 26n/an/aYL20116HULL CITY (H)HW5-1Johnson 3, James, Rowbotham   
Mar 05n/an/aYL20117BRADFORD CITY (H)HL0-1    
Mar 12n/an/aYL20118Rotherham United (A)AW5-4Walters, Johnson 2, Snaith, Wilson   
Mar 19n/an/aYL20119Notts County (A)AL0-1    
Mar 26n/an/aYL20120BURTON ALBION (H)HW6-1Johnson 4(1p), Hassan, Mellish   
Mar 30n/an/aYL20121DARLINGTON (H)HW2-1Johnson 2   
Apr 02n/an/aYL20122Grimsby Town (A)AD1-1Mellish   
Apr 09n/an/aYL20123LINCOLN CITY (H)HL0-2    
Apr 16n/an/aYL20124Doncaster Rovers (A)AL1-3Rowbotham   
YL = Youth League
YLC = Youth League Cup
FAYC = FA Youth Cup
Fr = Friendly
NIM = NI Milk Cup
ST = Slemish Trophy